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Monday, April 24, 2006

sunday scribblings - chocolate

The two girls sat on the picnic table with their feet on the bench and their pigtailed heads bowed conspiratorialy.

"They're left over from my party," Amy explained as Lori studied the fistful of Tootsie Pops she was holding. I'm having the purple one first. Which one do you want?"

"You always take the purple ones!"

"Well, they're from MY party, and I AM sharing them with you. Do you want one or not?"

"Okay. I'll have a red one." Amy began to pull one of the buds from the little wax paper bouquet. "No, not the pink-red one. A red-red one." Correction made, two wrappers were twirled off and two pops clacked against two sets of insurgent incoming teeth.

Amy smoothed the purple wrapper over her knee with her free hand. "I'm having the other red-red one after this. Those are so much better than the pink-red ones. The pink-red ones are kind of gross."

"They're better than the orange ones." Lori pursed her lips and spun her pop on its stick in front of her brand new incisors, feeling the rough edges of the raised band smoothing over.

"Yeah. Well... a little. I don't know. " Amy, holding her stick at eye level and out of her own shadow for closer inspection, spotted an extra dark spot on the side of the dark purple pop, the brown center showing through. She stuck it back in her mouth and crunched down hard. Pulling the other cherry pop out of the little pile on the table next to her and putting it in her lap, just to be safe, she grabbed the bunch and held it out to Lori.

"Wehish on de ye wan nest?"

Lori spun her stick pensively as she considered her options. "I'll have a chocolate one."

Amy pulled her head back and squared her shoulders, her face a riot of confusion and utter disdain. "WHA?" She chewed for another moment and swallowed the remains of pop number one, studying first her now nervous friend and then the bunch of heavy-headed sticks. "Do you mean a BROWN one?"

"Yeah! Duh."

"That is so not chocolate."

"It is too! What flavor do you think brown is?"

"I don't know... Tootsie Roll flavor."

"Well Tootsie Rolls are chocolate."

"Oh my god! They ARE NOT!"

"Well then what are they?"

"They're Tootsie Roll flavor! You can't have chocolate that's not... chocolate! That's like trying to make chocolate milk with water. It doesn't even count. It is sooo gross."

"Well it may not be as good as real chocolate stuff, but they are so trying to make it taste like chocolate." Lori unwrapped her brown pop. "Look! It even says so."

Amy grabbed the wax paper square and examined it in disbelief. "EEWWW!"

The sound of Lori's big sister singing along with her cd player drifted down from a window as the girls licked and pondered. "AND IIIIIIIIII-EEIIII - will always - love you-OOOOOO-oo-oo-oo!" They looked at each other and rolled their eyes in unison. Lori jumped off the picnic table and held her pop like a microphone, mouthing extreme earnestness, raising her eyebrows as high as they'd go, sticking her chest out and wiggling her butt. Amy rolled onto her side, screaming with laughter.

"Hey! Knock it off you little turdballs!" The Melanie the Meanie scowled fiercly as she leaned into the screen in the window above.

Lori looked up over her shoulder then back at Amy. "Wanna go make some chocolate milk?"

Amy jumped off the table. "Do you have any Oreos?"

The girls headed for the back door. "I don't think so," Lori said. "And anyway, those aren't chocolate." They both giggled and broke into a run.

Hey, this is kind of fun. I haven't tried writing a story (or a bit of dialogue, or whatever this is) since I was in high school. I hated this prompt (though yes of course I love chocolate; I'm not made of wood). Maybe it's especially good to work with the less appealing ones, to get out of the comfort zone.

Regarding Contagious Creativity, I wish I'd run a little more with last week's theme of self-care, but I didn't. Though come to think of it, I have been loading up on the fresh produce lately, which really seems to make me feel great. Must get back to taking Artist Dates, though. I didn't feel I got as much out of them as I could have during the AW, but I haven't taken any since that wrapped up, and I really notice a difference.

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Blogger Teri said...

great little scene. you could so easily write a book - about anything - if you were so inclined.

also cracked up over:

though yes of course I love chocolate; I'm not made of wood

4/24/2006 11:59 AM  
Blogger paris parfait said...

Love this story! Brought me back to being eight years old. Thanks!

4/24/2006 1:41 PM  
Blogger Laini Taylor said...

HI Eliza! That was so funny -- loved the outrage. And sorry your link didn't get posted before. I don't know what happened. Thanks for telling us again.

4/24/2006 8:13 PM  

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